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Renewable Energy

IPCC 5/9/2011: Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation
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Renewable Power News: Renewable Power
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Renewable Energy World: Renewable Energy

Scientific American: May 2011: 7 Radical Energy Solutions
Nature: April 21, 2011: US budget a taste of battles to come
Nature: April 14, 2011: Governments must pay for clean-energy innovation
Nature: April 6, 2011: Materials science: The pull of stronger magnets
New Scientist: March 7, 2011: Smart-grid 'stockbrokers' to manage your power
Huffington Post: 'Fracking' Disposal Sites Suspended, Likely Linked To Arkansas Earthquakes
Sustainable Business: Wind/Solar Investments Supporting Nearly 60000 Jobs
New Scientist: February 26, 2011: The power of cool
New Scientist: December 18, 2010: Is night falling on classic solar panels?
New Scientist: December 11, 2010: Salty solar power plant stores sun's heat
Scientific American: October 2010: Reinventing the Leaf

Climate Change

New Scientist: June 30, 2011: Earth's oceans on course for mass extinction
International Energy Agency: May 30, 2011: Prospect of limiting the global increase in temperature to 2ºC is getting bleaker
Nature: May 12, 2011: How green is my future?
New Scientist: March 19, 2011: Global deluge
New Scientist: March 19, 2011: Sea level's rise and rise is down to melting ice sheets
Nature: March 22, 2011: In the shadow of a melting glacier
Nature: March 16, 2011: Cash alone will not slow forest carbon emissions
Nature: March 9, 2011: Environment: Earth's acid test
Live Science: March 2, 2011: Humans on Verge of Causing 6th Great Mass Extinction
New York Times: Feb 17, 2011: Human contribution to more-intense precipitation extremes
Scientific American: March 2011: Shifting Band of Rain
New Scientist: January 29, 2011: Prophets of Doom: The secret of soothsaying
New Scientist: January 15, 2011: The truth about climate models
New Scientist: January 8, 2011: Last chance to hold Greenland back from tipping point
Scientific American: January 2011: Casualties of climate change

Recent Legislation in US

California 6/30: Department of Energy Offers Conditional Loan Guarantee Commitments to Support Nearly $4.5 Billion in Loans for Three California Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants
Georgia 5/16: Georgia Solar Tax Credits Spur Economic Growth
North Carolina 5/9: N.C. county planning board to consider wind farm
Congress 5/6: House Republicans Form Energy Coalition, Vote for Big Oil
Arizona 5/4: Local governments adding renewable energy through grants, partnerships
Michigan 5/3: Lack of federal loan guarantees slows alternative energy development
California 4/22: L.A. offers $2,000 rebate for electric vehicle home charging systems
California 4/22: In Oakland, A Creative Strategy for Financing the City's Solar Roofs
Michigan 4/22: Ann Arbor officials will consider wind options to meet city's new renewable energy goals
National 4/22: NREL director: Government needs to invest in solar innovation
Texas 4/22: Solar rebate legislation could have a chance in the Legislature
Congress 4/14: Federal Green Energy Loan Program Lives On
Rhode Island 4/13: Moratorium blocks plan for turbines at Ninigret Park
Congress 4/12: EPA Budget Cut Will Restrict Enforcement of Clean-Air Rules, Activists Say
Maryland 4/12: Maryland Gov. Hopes For Wind Energy In Future Legislative Session
Congress 4/12: US senators introduce a bill to create a national renewable energy standard
Vermont: Vermont energy bill moves to the Senate
Idaho: New Wind Farm Sells Its Energy and Energy Credits
Arizona: Feds consider Ariz. solar plant plan
Congress: Senate Rejects Back-door Moves to Roll Back America's Most Important Air Pollution Law
New Jersey: Solar energy firms take advantage of NJ's pro-renewable energy climate
Iowa: Iowa Senate OKs tax credit for solar, wind energy
Florida: Legislators return favor to FPL with renewables bill
Congress: Solar CEOs to Congress: Don't Ax Our Loans
Congress: Senate Bill Supports Marine and Hydrokinetic Renewable Energy
New Jersey: LOCAL ISSUE: towns object to solar panels Clean energy’s ugly side
Virginia: Dare County to hear wind turbine proposal
Missouri: Missouri House committee to take another shot at dealing with renewable energy mandate
EPA: A siege against the EPA and environmental progress
California: Sonoma County to study community renewable-energy program
Nevada: BLM Signs Off on North-South Nevada Power Line
US Senate: New Senate Bill Contains 25 Percent Renewable Energy Standard
Texas: Austin legislators push solar energy measures
Nevada: NV Energy Seeks Regulatory Approval for Additional Renewable Energy Projects
Wisconsin: Wisconsin's Fight Over Wind Siting Rules May Have Implications
Ohio: Hearing opens discussion on offshore wind farms
New Jersey: West Deptford Township officials approve PSE&G solar energy farm project
Wisconsin: Wisconsin legislature closes door on wind power
California: Solar power comment period extended
Bureau of Land Management: Bureau Of Land Management Gives Priority Status To 19 Renewable Energy Projects
Idaho: Lawmakers introduce bill to extend tax rebate for renewable energy developers
North Carolina: Conservative think tanks target North Carolina renewable energy law
Iowa: Solar energy leaders lobbied Iowa lawmakers Tuesday to act on legislation friendly to the industry
Maine: Wind ordinance coming to vote in New Vineyard
California: New Bill to Spur Clean Energy
LexisNexis: Environmental Law and Climate Change Commentary
Wisconsin: PSC's wind siting rule expected to be overturned
California: Senate Bill 2X
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Renewable Power Plants in US

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